Our thermal logistic solutions

Atmos Blanket

CRT for shippment of EPAL and GMA pallets

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Atmos Shield

CRT and Cold Chain of EPAL and GMA pallets

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Atmos Boxes

Long range shipment for Cold chain and CRT parcels

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About us

Atmos is an innovative company with a game changing platform that changes controlled temperature shipping (CRT is between 15 to 25 deg C) worldwide.

Atmos Innovation makes your cold chain or controlled ambient temperature shipment safe and is even saving you transport cost!

How can we do that?

Our Atmos Shield covers your entire payload with a thermal shield so that no heat bridges can occur. The integrated, PCM based, Atmos thermal core keeps the temperature stable at its desired level.

Due to this technology, a compact insulation design saves a lot of freight volume and makes the solution more powerful than standard solutions on the market.

All our solutions are qualified to the highest standards of life science and pharma industry.


Atmos can help you in transferring temperature sensitive products. Our technology platform allows us to keep specific temperature range during logistic procedures and transport.

People all over the world have the issue of transporting thermal labile products and not to have temperature excursions. Medications, pharmaceutical drugs or any other life science products have to be handled under the strict regulations of the GDP, FDA or the European Commission. To keep these rules, strong packaging solutions that are validated according to terms of their temperature stability are mandatory.

Not regarding whether you have cold chain shipments at 2 to 8°C or Controlled room temperature shipments CRT from 15 to 25°C or frozen shipments ranging from -15 to -25°C, here you found the solution!


Atmos Innovations operates as Advisors for your logistic approach. We can tell you, what is the best shipping solution for your temperature sensitive products and even manufacture the perfect, custom-made products to meet your transportation challenges.

Our manufacturing platform is flexible and can be used for various applications. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any challenge.

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